Figure studies & portraits

I love life drawing with pencils, charcoal, Caran d’Ache crayons, watercolors. acrylics, and mixed media.


Mia #2_9-2017

Mia #2, c. Bruckner 8Sept2017


Miranda #2 c.Bruckner 4Aug2017

Miranda #2 c.Bruckner 4Aug2017


Miranda #1 Bruckner Aug 2017

Miranda #1  c.Bruckner Aug 2017


Mery c.Bruckner 17July2015

Mery   c.Bruckner 17July2015


Tami c.Bruckner 20Aug2014

Tami c.Bruckner 20Aug2014

Rodin-Age of Bonze (in Essen) c.Bruckner2015

Rodin sculpture (in Essen) c.Bruckner2015


Uncle Bernie-c.Bruckner1996

Uncle Bernie   c.Bruckner1996

Michael #2, Bruckner1997

Michael #2   c.Bruckner 1997


Matisse self-portrait (at SFMOMA) 2011

Matisse self-portrait   c.Bruckner 2011



Self-portrait  c. Bruckner 2015


Vicki's hands #1

Vicki’s hands  c.Bruckner




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