Gazing up at mountains, climbing them, and taking in the sweeping vistas that mountain peaks afford, have always been among my favorite experiences. Fortunately, I have had the opportunity to hike, draw and paint in the Pacific Cascades, the Austrian and Swiss Alps, and other mountain locations. Many of my outdoor mountain studies continue to evolve in my studio.

Near Krimml #3      ©Bruckner2012


Mt St Helens Bruckner 2017

Mt. St. Helens     ©Bruckner 2017



Mt. St. Helens   ©Bruckner 2011


Reno #6 c.Bruckner 2015

Reno #6    ©Bruckner 2015



Austrian Alps #1    ©Bruckner 2010


Austrian Alps #2    ©Bruckner 2010


Austrian Alps #3 c.Bruckner 2012

Austrian Alps #3    ©Bruckner 2012


Mt Hood again Bruckner 2017

Mt. Hood again   ©Bruckner 2017


Remembering Mt. Hood    ©Bruckner 2017





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