San Francisco vistas and house portraits

Since moving to San Francisco in 1981, one of my great pleasures has been to wander around this city, recording views of its streets, buildings and magnificent vistas in numerous sketchbooks and on watercolor paper. I transform many of these studies into acrylic paintings on canvas.  Hundreds more remain as pencil and ink drawings, and watercolor paintings.

View from Embarcadero#2, Bruckner 2011

View from the Embarcadero #2    24″ x 18″  ©Brucruckner2011


View from Embarcadero, Pier 14 #3   c.Bruckner 20111

View from the Embarcadero #3    30″ x 24″   ©Bruckner2011


Kearny & Vallejo c.Bruckner 2004

Kearny & Vallejo   ©Bruckner 2004


Union & Varennes c.Bruckner 2005

Union & Varennes   ©Bruckner2005


Market,;Sutter & Sansome  c.Bruckner 2018

Market, Sutter & Sansome    ©Bruckner2018


In Golden Gate Park c. Bruckner 2005

In Golden Gate Park   ©Bruckner2005


SF Victorians #4 Brucbner 2019

SF Victorians #4    ©Bruckner 2019


78 Carmelita SF_Bruckner2019

78 Carmelita, SF   ©Bruckner 2019


SF Victorians #5 Bruckner 2019

SF Victorians #5   ©Bruckner 2019





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