Sky and sea series


New day c.Bruckner2019

New day  c.Bruckner2019


Sky & sea c.Bruckner 6May2019

Sky & sea  c.Bruckner 6May2019


Sky & sea 12Apr2019

Sky & sea  c.Bruckner 12Apr2019


Sky & sea 17Mar2019

Sky & sea   c.Bruckner 17Mar2019


Sky & sea 19June2019 #1

Sky & sea  c.Bruckner 19June2019 #1


Seascape, graphite 10-26-11

Seascape, graphite 10-26-11  c. Bruckner 2011


Seascape-10-26-2011 #1

Seascape #1, 10-26-2011  c. Bruckner 2011


Untitled (sky & sea)   c.Bruckner 2019

When I am at the ocean or an expansive sea, or overlooking rivers, I like to do sketches and plein air watercolors of the ever-changing interplay of sky and water.  I am captivated by what happens where the sky and sea converge.  The sky and sea studies often provide the impulse for numerous mixed media works on paper and for larger acrylic paintings.