Sky and sea series

I am captivated by what happens wherever the sky and sea converge. When I am at the ocean or overlooking a river, I am impelled to do sketches and watercolors of the ever-changing interplay of sky and water.  These studies provide the impetus for many of my works in this ongoing series.


New day c.Bruckner2019

New day    ©Bruckner 2018


Sky & sea c.Bruckner 6May2019

Sky & sea, 6May2019    ©Bruckner2019


Sky & sea 12Apr2019

Sky & sea, 12Apr2019    ©Bruckner2019


Sky & sea 17Mar2019

Sky & sea, 17Mar2019    ©Bruckner2019


Sky & sea 19June2019 #1

Sky & sea, 19June2019 #1   ©Bruckner2019


Seascape, 26Oct2011

Seascape #1,  26Oct2011   ©Bruckner 2011


Seascape-10-26-2011 #1

Seascape #2, 26Oct2011   ©Bruckner 2011


Untitled (sky & sea)    ©Bruckner2019